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Two stories dealing with the problems princes cause

Amber really wanted a pony — but no, I mustn’t spoil the story. Amber knew that she mustn’t spoil the story but, somehow, she had to get the right prince to the right princess. It wasn’t as easy as you might think.

Princess Mimosa just wanted things organised, but she ended up with a dragon, a mountain full of goblins and a prince, so you can imagine …

If you liked this book, you might also like our other BedTime Tales series. They’re available as printed books to put on the children’s bedroom bookshelf, or as ebooks – to read on your phone when you need an emergency story.

There are four books in the series filled with small stories for pre-reading children – or reluctant readers in the four to eight-year-old bracket.

In Book One, Fin Lightning saves the Universe – often.

Book Two has the friendliest dragons you have ever met.

Book Three shows the problems you can have with princes.

Book Four is a selection of well-known folk and fairy tales.