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Bedtime Tales Book 1: Fin Lightning saves the Universe – often

Fin Lightning saves the Universe – often

There’s the problem of the coloured pencils with no colour. Then, Fin Lightning and his trusty sidekick, Dinosaur, save the Universe over and over again. Fin and Dile build a racing car – and take part in the race of their lives. Meanwhile, in the South American jungle, Fin has to use all his ingenuity to deliver a special parcel – in the middle of a tropical downpour.

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There are four books in the series filled with small stories for pre-reading children – or reluctant readers in the four to eight-year-old bracket.

In Book One, Fin Lightning saves the Universe – often.

Book Two has the friendliest dragons you have ever met.

Book Three shows the problems you can have with princes.

Book Four is a selection of well-known folk and fairy tales.