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Brand new stories and old-time tales
All written with bedtime in mind

From Fin Lightening’s rescue of the miners trapped in the Jelly Mountain that, ‘…saved the Universe from The Worst Trifle Shortage in Living Memory!’ — to, Robin, the red dragon who lives behind the door in the tree where, ‘…daisies are much more valuable than money, especially when you want to go to the seaside.’

From Amber, who wished and wished for a pony, but all she got was a unicorn — ‘…Amber jumped down from Jewel’s back, “Quick Cinderella, give me your shoes!”’ — to Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and ‘…as they watched, two little naked elves appeared.’ I’m sure you can guess the title! There are even a few tales of Genies and magic from The Arabian Nights.